We were once Software Devs or IT builders ourselves.
Great mentors and leaders helped advance our careers by specializing in information security. We want to give back and do the same for others.

We believe that the best security practitioners are those who have spent a fair amount of time in a given technology field, prior to specializing in the related information security domain. We also believe that knowledge and expertise should be shared, and the world needs more great information security leaders.

The FWDSEC Mentorship program is setup to allow those who excel in their existing software or cloud related IT career to work closely with an application or cloud security leader, and gain the skills and expertise necessary to become the next leaders in the field.

We take on four mentees per year, and each engagement lasts 3 to 6 months, during which you are paired with an industry application or cloud security leader. You set the goals together, and meet once a month to discuss progress and any obstacles along the way. 

If you have mastered software development or are an expert cloud builder, work smart, love challenging problems, and want to enter the exciting field of information security, then get in touch!

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