Information Security

Information is everything.

In the modern world, information is the most critical asset of an organization. Ensuring proper policies and management processes are in place to protect the digital assets is critical. In addition, many organizations are required to adhere to industry security standards or regulations. Forward Security has experience with assisting organizations in measuring their security posture, and leading them towards a higher level of maturity.

We offer the following Information Security services:

  • Information Security Management

    Using industry standard frameworks such as ISO 27001/27002, we can assist in creating the necessary policies, the processes required to identify and mitigate risks, and the systems required to track and manage the issues. While a full ISMS based on industry standards may be required for certain organizations, it is beneficial to almost all organizations in some shape or form. We can work together in determining the scope based on your industry and your requirements.

  • Information Security Risk Assessment

    Whether your organization is required to meet a particular industry standard (e.g. NIST CyberSecurity Framework for critical infrastructure providers, PCI for those handling payments, or HIPAA in the health industry), or seeks to improve its information security posture by aligning with one, we can assist by conducting an assessment, identifying gaps, and providing guidance to ensure appropriate mitigations are put in place to reach the desired maturity level.